Services -Prices-Rates

               Driving Lessons PRICES           
                    You can book 1hr driving lessons, 1.5hr driving lessons or 2hr driving lessons .
                    Obviously longer the lesson, the more learning takes place.
                    Other points of note -  students living outside nelson are likely to spend less time
                    around test route with 1hr lessons, so its more beneficial for them to have longer
                    driving lessons especially near their driving test date.
      • 1 Hour driving lessons                               £20
      •  1.5 Hour driving lessons                           £30  
      • 2 Hours driving lessons                             £38    
      • Block Payment/ 10 Hours driving lessons    £180
      • Block Payment/ 20 Hours driving lessons    £360
      • Pass Plus                                                 £120
      • Web Designing                                         £200


    • Further Discount Applicable to Student and NHS staff this summer.

                Please get in touch with us for more details.