Booking Your Driving Test

You need to be vigilant when booking your theory test or practical driving test, because there are internet based companies who will charge you £20 in addition to your test fee. Your best option is to talk to your driving instructor who is best placed to advise you on booking procedure,suitable test centres,prices,tips,waiting times,driving test durations etc and may even book it for you at no extra cost to you.

Booking Your Theory Test:

This can be done by yourself by making a simple phone call to driving stands agency.

You will need your driving licence and bank card to make a payment when you ring.

Arternatively you can book your theory test on internet, this has the advantage over phone call as you can take your time to decide which date and time is most suitable for you. Again talk to your driving Instructor who would be happy to give you all the upto date information on theory test, eg cost of test,theroy test duration, number of questions,theory test procedure, mock theory test, theory test pass marks, theory test requirements, theory test tips, theory test training, theory test answers, theory test centres, theory test booking price, waiting list for theory test, theory test duration, theory test hazard perception.

Booking Your Practical Driving Test:

As with theory test you can book practical driving test yourself and before you ring find out your driving instructors availability on the day so that there is no problem there. Alternatively ask your driving instructor to book it for you, so that you know your driving Instructor will be available on your driving test.

Waiting times for driving tests are usually between 4-6 weeks, you can change your driving test time 3 times, but every time you need make the changes 5 working days before your driving test.

Again talk to your Driving Instructor who will give you upto date information and all the help you may need eg carry out driving mock test, nearest test centres, best time for driving test, driving test requirements, driving test procedure, driving test tips, driving test prices, driving test routes, etc